Vulnerable Expressions of Raw Emotion

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10% of every dollar you spend here at Michal Madison Art will be donated to Childhelp.


Speak Up Be Safe is an Absolutely Incredible program that was designed by Childhelp to be taught in schools to children ~ K to 6. Educated children become Empowered and therefore Safe! Speak Up Be Safe is in every school in the state of Florida. It NEEDS to be taught every place that children live and breath!  Education = Empowerment = Safe Children!
That's the Goal! Learn more at:


is a foundation, that for over fifty-five years, has been working from coast to coast to prevent child abuse. They also help children & families recover from abusive situations.

Thank you for joining us in making a difference in the lives of children & their families. I know it is possible to heal completely from the wounds of abuse. I have. Every child deserves a life full of effervescent joy! Together we can make a difference.