Vulnerable Expressions of Raw Emotion

michal madison art

Comments from Clients

"I've never seen such amazing eyes in watercolor." JA

"I gave the amazing portrait of [my son] to my parents for Mother's & Father's Day. My mom started crying & my dad even got misty-eyed (he's not usually emotional). Thank you! You truly have a gift." ~JL

"Madison, you totally captured [my daughters'] personalities! The painting is incredible! We feel so honored to have such fine art hanging on the wall in our home. The girls love it too! They are telling all their friends about it. We will cherish this forever." NC

"I'm speechless. I have tears running down my face right now. That's my baby girl. She's so beautiful & you totally got her in this painting." FH

"The child in me died long ago. You brought her back to life & now I feel I can love that small person inside of me once again. Thank you for helping me to heal. Thank you for restoring the sparkle to that little girl's eyes, my eyes." PM

"Michal, you are deeply talented. Your art is breathtaking!" DM

"I can't begin to thank you enough..." MC

How to Get Your

4. After I receive your final payment, I will send you the painting.

Sound good? Perfect! Then click here to issue commission of your painting
3. In 2 - 4  weeks you'll receive a picture to view via e-mail. If you love it, we're almost done. If not I will make the needed adjustments & send another copy to view.
2. Send me some of your favorite photos of the subject. Photos that help make a great painting are: high quality digital images, have sparkling eyes, good lighting & good color.

A portrait of a single individual starts at $1099 for an 11"x14" painting. When choosing the size of your portrait, please keep in mind the size of the mat and frame you plan to use.

Before I start painting a deposit of $600 is due. The rest of the cost will be due before you receive finished painting.

Own Portrait

1. Send your deposit at the link below.

It has been said "The eyes are the windows of the soul". Eyes are my favorite to paint because they express our deepest emotions. I've been told again & again that my paintings capture the essence & heart of the person. I think it's all in the eyes...