"Creativity is woven into the very life, breath and heart of an artist." ~mm

Bragging Rights:

I'm creating an irresistible present and future that are vastly different from my past. I was brave enough to turn the page, because I refused to believe that was how my story would end.

Some Facts:

  • I started living my dream of being an artist in 2010.
  • I like foreign films & foreign languages.
  • I love different shades of skin & shapes of eyes. I'm so glad we don't all look the same. I celebrate our uniqueness & our sameness.
  • I use the white of the paper as the white in my paintings. This can be challenging. If I cover it up, it's gone. In my eyes, no amount of white paint can recover the vibrancy of leaving the paper white.
  • I believe artistic "mistakes" are opportunities to get even more creative.
  • When the gatekeeper found a five week old abandoned kitten, the neighborhood children said, "Madison will take care of her!" Minki Monet is my fur baby.
  • My house is the hangout spot for the neighborhood children.                                                                  We create art & eat popsicles or drink hot chocolate together.                                                                  All children are artist. Some of us loved it so much we never stopped.
  • I love watercolor because the colors are so vibrantly bold and yet transparent.                      Watercolors are also incredibly spontaneous. (I'm like that too).
  • I love adventure.
  • I also like to write about life. Have you signed up for my newsletter?

Hi! I'm Michal Madison...

You know them. You experience them. Raw vulnerable emotions. Authentic expressions of your truth in unguarded moments. The hauntingly fragile feelings permeating your soul.

I believe that when we share those deep places, we recognize ourselves in another.  We experience a connection that banishes loneliness. Art speaks a universal language that every person can understand. It unites us at the deepest level of our shared humanity.

I paint these emotions I feel so deeply. My soul pours out in every brushstroke. I show up in the tearful eyes of a little girl and the laughter of a young boy. The piercing glare of an outraged woman and the affectionate gaze of a lover. My art is an expression of who I am, who I was, who I will become. Creativity is woven into the very life, breath and heart of who I am as an artist.

I believe art changes us. Art touches those deep places in our souls where no words exist and we are transformed. It has happened in my life. Art has helped me heal in places that seemed irreparably broken. Through art Creator reached into my heart and revealed the truth that our worth is not dependent on circumstances or the opinion of another. We are valuable simply because we exist. Isn't that beautiful?!  It is my desire that you will find renewed hope and healing as you view my paintings.

Michal Madison

michal madison art

Vulnerable Expressions of Raw Emotion