Vulnerable Expressions of Raw Emotion

michal madison art

1.800.779.SAFE (7233)

1.800.779.SAFE (7233)



My life has been filled with more than its share

of visible, and not-so-visible violence (childhood sexual assault &  domestic violence). Regardless of the smile that lights up my face, inside there are a few wounded parts that are in the process of healing.
Why do I share? Well, I think it's important to know that this stuff happens to real people. People who live next door to us, who workout at the gym with us. People who sit next to us in church. Maybe it's even happened to you. It's not isolated to one specific type of family situation. Abuse doesn't discriminate. But the more we are aware of its presence, the more we are empowered to reach out & help each other. Learn all you can about the signs of abuse. You just might save someone's life...

Art for Awareness